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Marble Cleaning Fun

Marble Cleaning HoustonMarble Cleaning Houston

Marble Cleaning is fun, and a great deal of work. Grout cleaning Houston has been working  in the north side of town on marble floors and marble showers, The Woodlands and Kingwood areas in Houston have allot of marble stone installed in residential homes, and as homes age so dose the marble that’s in it and it is time to get it cleaned.

Why Do A Professional Marble Cleaning Houston?

When the marble stone tile gets dirty it will need a specialty cleaning in order to remove the dirt that has been accumulated on it and in most installations we find grout lines that are also dirty and need to be cleaned, a professional cleaning will let the natural beauty of the marble stone tile come back to life and will clean the grout too.

For a non polished marble stone  a marble cleaning will be the perfect one step cleaning to get the stone back to beautiful.

Grout Cleaning Houston is trained in providing marble cleaning services, we use specialty made stone soaps, the best cleaning chemicals, the latest cleaning techniques, and state of the art equipment to get your marble back to clean.

Marble is natural stone that is sensitive to acid based cleaners, we have seen many cases where acid has been used to clean the grout…..and the results: A clean grout line with a damaged marble stone due to etching.

Once the stone is damaged it will require some restoration work that will include diamond restoration and marble polishing.

Marble comes in different colors from the popular white carrera marble, black pearl marble, brown emperador marble, cream rose marble  to the more exotic amazon green and  brazilian blue, each stone provides a different and unique challenge in cleaning.

Many marble cleaning chemicals are available, please only use only a ph neutral cleaner for the routine cleaning.

Marble Cleaning Houston, marble floors, marble showers, marble couter-tops, marble vanity-tops, Call today grout cleaning Houston and get your marble back to beautiful.

What to expect after a professional marble cleaning.

A clean marble stone that looks as good if not better then the day it was installed, a clean grout, more detail in the marble and a stone that is now a few shades lighter because all of the built up dirt that was on it has been removed.




Marble Polishing Houston The Works

marble polishing houstonWhat Is Marble Polishing?

Marble Polishing is the process of chemically bringing the stone to a shine and improving its clarity, marble polishing is the only way to get your marble tile to shine, Grout Cleaning Houston is your #1 choice to get the job done right.

Dirt, foot traffic, improper cleaning, wrong chemicals and wear will cause your marble tile to loose its shine and luster, marble tile cleaning will get the marble tile clean but will not bring back the shine.

Marble Polishing Houston project

Grout Cleaning Houston is trained and experienced in providing marble polishing services for natural stones. Marble tile, travertine tile, and limestone tile are natural stones that we are able to polish. The polishing and restoration of marble tile can involve diamonds and powder or just powder.

It is always best to have a certified technician work on your stone for best results, there are many manufacturers of diamonds and chemicals for that are available and since each project is unique special consideration needs to be giving to the condition of the marble tile, lippage, type of marble, color and the environment that it is in.

The same goes for the type of polishing powder that is used for the polishing as some powders are to “hot” and some types of marble tile will not be able to produce a high polish.

Machinery will play a big role in the outcome of the project, machines in different sizes and wights as well as different pads and brush  are all necessary.

Grout Cleaning Houston has all the right tools, pads, and powders together with knowledge, experience and training to take on your marble polishing Houston.

Floor tile polishing, shower natural stone polishing, counter-top polishing, and vanity top polishing, call today Grout Cleaning Houston.

What to expect after a professional marble polishing job.

A clean marble stone that has very nice shine to it with deep clarity and all of its beauty has been restored to a new or better then new look and shine.







Houston Slate Cleaning

slate tile cleaning houstonWhen looking for Houston slate tile cleaning, it is a good idea to know about the proper care of slate.  First off, what is slate?  Slate is a metamorphic rock that is usually based off of clay and volcanic ash. It comes in a multitude of colors, from grays to greens, and even blues and purples.  Slate is popular as a flooring material in both commercial locations and in residences due to its durability.  Because it is smooth by nature, it is also surprisingly easy to clean.  However, certain foods and drinks can stain slate and ruin its appearance, and slate can be scratched. It’s wise to focus on preventing these sort of mishaps and keep your slate looking it’s best.

Houston Slate Tile Cleaning: Dirt Blocking Tips

Put door mats at entrances.  This will stop walk in dirt at the threshold. A good slate tile cleaning  tip is to sweep slate frequently. Sweeping will remove dust and dirt. It’s also a good idea to clean slate tile on a regular with water and a little bit of detergent. Despite your best efforts you may have to seek out the services of a company that does  slate tile cleaning Houston, as they can help you get out stubborn stains in addition to restoring damages from scratches and chips.  They will be able to use the most up to date techniques and technology to restore your floor to the level of shine you desire.

Getting Slate Tile Sealed Houston

Once your floor has been restored, you’d do well to consider getting both Houston grout sealing  as well as getting your slate tile sealed to protect it and  help keep it looking beautiful.  Sealant reduces the porous and permeable nature of both your tile and your grout.  This makes future maintenance and cleanup a breeze. It’s not recommended that you do this yourself.  You run the risk of getting a heavy wax based sealer which will both detract from your slate tile’s appearance as well as take away some of its resistance to slips.

If you wish to know more about proper cleaning and care of slate, feel free to contact a professional Houston slate tile cleaning company.  Slate is like all natural stone, you have to use the technique that works best for it. If you take care of your slate tile it will stand the test of time and continue to add to your home.



Travertine Restoration — Polishing

See the process and after result of the travertine polishing, grinding and honing we’ve accomplished to one of our client.

Tile clean– reflective as a mirror.

travertine stone marble being honed and polished

New look of Travertine and Marble Floor

Sparkle as new.

Marble and Travertine Restoration — Polishing, Honing and Grinding

Marble and travertine can restore its glossy property through — polishing, honing and grinding.

Marble Granite Polishing Cleaning

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