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Grout Cleaning Houston Travertine Tile Cleaning

Grout Cleaning Houston

Working on travertine tile cleaning in Bellaire and west University in Houston theGrout Cleaning Houston
past few weeks we have come across the same situations.

The main problem was dirty travertine floors that have a high gloss sealer
on them,tumbled travertine and honed travertine will some times have a high gloss
applied to them in order to change their look.

Dirty Travertine Tile Floor With High Gloss Sealer

The issue is that most stone cleaners will remove the sealer or damage it and then the gloss will be gone or diminished having to reseal the floor ,the challenge is how do you get the travertine tile floor to have an even look if during the cleaning process the sealer has been removed or damaged.
How do you clean travertine floor that is very dirty and has a high gloss sealer on it with out removing the high gloss?
 Grout Cleaning Houston has the right chemicals,knowledge and equipment to get it done.
Mrs M. said” I am thrilled to have my travertine kitchen floor cleaned”
Grout Cleaning Houston was successful in cleaning the travertine tile and the grout and got the floor to shine with out removing the sealer.
It is very important for you to clean the floor with a ph neutral cleaner that is stone specific,this will keep the floor looking great for a long time after we have cleaned them for you and it will not eat away at the sealer or the stone.
Call today to get your travertine floor, travertine shower, travertine counter-tops back to Beautiful.

Houston Travertine Cleaning

When looking to get travertine cleaning in Houston done, know your stone.  First off, travertine is a form of limestone, related to marble.  As such, acidic substances should be avoided when cleaning travertine as it can start to ecth the stone. It isn’t just cleaners that can potentially damage travertine, but everyday substances such as orange juice, wine, or coffee may also adversely affect your stone.   Blot up these spills immediately, with that said, or you run the risk of a dulled finish and crumbled grout later on.

What to Use for Houston Travertine Cleaning

For everyday travertine cleaning, use hot water and a stone cleaner that’s especially formulated for travertine if at all possible, or a pH neutral soap such as dish washing detergent.  Again, acidic compounds can etch your stone as well as erode your grout, and while this damage won’t show immediately, it will in time making cleaning your travertine a lot more difficult. If you are not sure if the cleaner you’ve purchased can damage your tile, or how much cleaning is too much, when in doubt ask! Get on the phone to a company that does travertine cleaning in Houston.

What to Avoid When Doing Travertine Cleaning in Houston

Don’t overuse soap however, as it can dull the surface.  Dust mop travertine twice a week.  Vacuuming should be done with extreme caution as the vacuum may have sharp edges that can scratch the floor. Runners and area rugs can be used on floors to protect them from dust and debris. Avoid generic, store-bought cleaning products of any kind, and take household hints you may find online regarding vinegar, lemon, orange, or ammonia with a grain of salt. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or store bought bathroom cleaners in your Houston travertine cleaning   project . Make sure to rinse all leftover cleaner off of your tile and grout.  You do not want residue to build up, nor do you want any adverse chemical reactions to spoil the appearance of your travertine, or even damage it beyond repair.

Travertine cleaning in Houston is just like cleaning any other high quality stone.  Know what you can and can’t do to clean it, and know how to avoid the pitfalls that go with it.  Above all else know what you can do yourself, and what you are going to need professional assistance with.

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