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Granite Cleaning Houston

Gratine Cleaning HoustonA Professional Granite Cleaning

Granite is an igneous rock that is beautiful and hard it is formed from magma, colorful, durable and elegant.  Granite is very often a common choice for a stone surface in lobby’s, foyers, and high traffic areas the stone looks good is easy to clean and last for a very long time with the correct granite cleaning routine chemicals.As time goes by and the granite stone is not maintained correctly or is neglected, it will lose its beautiful appearance and it is time to get it professionally cleaned.

Natural stone granite cleaning.

Granite is a stone that is not acid sensitive and is able to withstand “harsh” chemicals and that is exactly why it need to be be professionally cleaned with the correct chemicals and cleaning techniques in order for the stone to come back to its original condition. Floors are the most common area that needs to have a a professional cleaning done on top of the regular maintenance cleaning that is done regularly, and by doing so cost of ownership can be  low as the need for a granite restoration will most probably not be needed.

Grout Cleaning Houston is your best choice when looking for a natural stone contractor to do a granite cleaning and granite maintenance, we have over a decade of experience working on natural stone,  we use the latest cleaning techniques, the best chemicals and state of the art equipment to make sure that your granite cleaning comes out perfect.

Call Grout Cleaning Houston today and get your Granite stone cleaned.



Granite Polishing Houston

Can You Do A Granite Polishing For Me Please?

Yes, we can and we do granite polishing all the time …. this was the  start of a phone call conversations with a customer at grout cleaning Houston. Granite is a natural stone that is very durable it will stand up to the most sever and harsh abuse and will still look great but at some point due to lack of maintenance or blunt damage  a professional granite cleaning Granite Polishing Houstonwill not be able to bring back the high shine.

What is a real professional granite polishing.

A real granite polishing is a process that is done to the stone in order to bring back its high shine and get the stone to shine on its own with out the use of  topical wax, chemical liquids  and chemical powders are used during the process as well as specialty equipment, black color granites polish differently then light colored granite making the polishing process to be unique and challenging most of the time, Today as the world becomes more of a global village we find many different types of granites that come from different parts of the world and are being processed and polished differently, it is very important to make sure that your contractor is aware of the different kinds, types, and polishing processes of your granite in order not to cause it damage.

Grout Cleaning Houston has spent many years working on different kinds of  granites and still we find that we come across new granites all the time it is quite a challenge working on some granites but we get amazing results 99% of the time.

Grout Cleaning Houston, Granite polishing at its best.

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