Houston Brick Cleaning

clean brickHouston brick floor cleaning is a recommended service to keep your brick floors up to par. Brick is an attractive flooring option. Bricks can be recycled into tiles by slicing them into one to two inch thin pieces. Brick, like all types of flooring requires unique care compared to say wood or ceramic tile cleaning in Houston.

For one thing, brick is a lot more porous than other types of flooring. If not treated right, even though it is fairly hard and durable, with normal wear and tear, brick can erode or even crumble. Also, as they are more porous, they are also more prone to spills and ultimately staining. A good brick floor cleaning service in Houston will help you to clean and protect your brick tiles and also give you some examples of helpful tips for cleaning your tiles yourself.

For example, to remove simple stains and odors, simple white vinegar is often very effective. White vinegar is highly acidic and removes both pet odors and leftover food smells, and even sanitize your floor as well. When white vinegar fails, however, contact a a Houston brick cleaning company for other cleaning methods such as steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning gets into the pores of the bricks themselves, and removes dirt and grime along with the moisture. Steam cleaning is highly effective for removing liquid based stains, and for removing stains and odors from pets. Steam cleaning is a good process to use prior to sealing or resealing your floor.houston brick cleaning

If properly and periodically sealed with an acrylic or polyurethane sealant however, brick tiles can last for years or even decades. Sealing your brick tiles helps to stop them from retaining stains as well as from eroding. A brick cleaning company in Houston will put down two coats of sealant. Its important to seal your floor as grit from the bricks can damage other flooring in your home.

After your floor is sealed, its a good idea to periodically sweep it. When you sweep, just use a regular household broom. Regular cleaning of this sort will help you to avoid any damage to the sealant from tracked in dirt or grit.

Brick is a fairly low upkeep flooring solution. So arm yourself with the facts, remember these helpful tips, and your brick floor will last for a long time. One key way to help this is to get yourself a competent Houston brick cleaning service.

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